Road Trip USA 2009


The following table summarises the costs of servicing:

Item Vendor Cost ($)
7500 mile service Wareham Cycle Center, Wareham, MA 141.00
15000 mile service incl. valve clearence The Motorcycle Service Shop, Mesa, AZ 496.00
19000 mile service Riverside, St Albert, Canada 193.16

The following table summarises the costs of tires:

Item Vendor Cost ($)
Bridgestone Trailwing Front + Rear incl. fitment I27 Powersports, Lubbock, TX 336.00
Bridgestone Battlewing Rear incl. fitment Riverside, St Albert, Canada 216.23

The following table summarises daily costs, averaged per day. The camping and motel accomodation costs are averaged per day spent camping or in a motel. The ticket costs for entry to museums and parks are averaged out across all of the days, actual ticket costs can vary from $0 to $30 a day. Canada is considerably more expensive than the USA, so I may split this further as I travel further in Canada:

Fuel ($) Food ($) Accomodation - Camping ($) Accomodation - Motel ($) Tickets ($)
8.04 15.77 15.97 54.31 4.74


The following graph shows the number of miles ridden per day, note there is a big variation from 0 miles on rest days to 425 miles when riding from Grand Canyon, through Monument Valley and US 95 to Singletree, Utah. I have ridden an average of 226 miles per day excluding rest days which is considered very low by some bikers I have met. However I tend to stop frequently and find that when approaching 250 miles in a day, depending on conditions, I begin to loose concentration and become a bit sloppy so decide it is time to stop.

Distance per day graph

Distance per day graph

The following graph shows the miles per gallon per day. So far the bike is averaging 55mpg which is not as good as I thought it would be, however it must be remembered that this includes 75lb of luggage carried in some very un-aerodynamic boxes! The worst performances of 45mpg are in the heat and high speeds, 70mph, of Texas and New Mexico, cooler temperatures and lower speeds give much better figures.

Miles per gallon

Miles per Gallon