Paignton Bike Festival

On Saturday 3 May 2008 I decided to ride down to the Paignton Bike Festival to see how my arm would cope with a longer trip, about 350 miles in total. The bike festival includes some live music and a small number of stalls. There were also offical KTM and BMW stands, so I got to see the new F800GS which I thought looked physically very large. It actually has a seat height that is bigger than the 1200GS. The sales person did not take it too kindly when I replied "I will wait till they are on the second hand market before buying" in response to a question on whether I would like to join the mailing list. I'm not sure whether it makes more sense to get a 1200GS rather than the 800GS on the second hand market.

The trip down was good, as I stuck mostly to the back roads as motorways are so boring on a bike. When I got there I was disappointed at the number of stalls but enjoyed looking at everyone else's bikes. I especially enjoyed looking at an old Vincent Black Knight. Another highlight was a chat I had with Dave Jefferson of Screaming 2 Strokes who had ridden down from Bath on a little 50cc Yamaha TY50 two stroke trail bike. When I commented that it must have been hard work, he just said you just take it slowly riding two hours at a time in between breaks. No kidding, I thought my ride down and back was hard work! As I had just ridden down for the day I couldn't have a beer or check out the live music, so it was really a case of strolling down the line of a couple of thousand bikes and having a Cornish pasty before riding home again.

Yamaha TY50

Real men tour on 50cc two strokes

When I got back home I was in agony. My back, legs and both arms were really painful. I guess I compensate for my bad left arm by leaning more on my right arm, maybe I really need an old man's bike e.g. a 1200GS!