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United Cultures of Africa

Created by Troll on March 20, 2009

Today I read that Madagascar is going to join Mauritania and Guinea in the African Union's list of countries suspended for coups. These countries join Zimbabwe, Sudan, Keyna, Rwanda, Somalia and others where the democratic process has patently failed the people it was meant to serve! There has been a failure of leadership in Africa. Many of Africa's leaders attribute this to colonialism, apartheid or to a lack of time for democracy to develop. Quite often Africa's leaders will point out that democracy took hundreds of years to develop in Europe, however I believe this excuse is not valid as we humans have the capability of learning from history and not reproducing the errors of the past. Democracy rests on the shoulders of an educated population, many authors have published on this. The problem is that most of Africa's population is uneducated, so their vote tends to be based on cultural loyalties or coercion. I aplaud the AU's stance on Madagascar however fifty years after multi-party democracy and independence came to Africa is it time to admit that democracy has failed in Africa? Is it time to look for alternative structures that would better serve the people? I think the answer is yes.

Gaddafi continues to push his United States of Africa plan with himself as the president, for life I'd bet, however I do not believe this is a solution for Africa. It may work in the United States of America where the populace identify themselves as Americans, however it will not work in Africa where the populace identify themselves with their tribe, their religion, their country and only then as 'African'. In Africa there are also large cultural differences between sub-saharan and northern Africa. You only have to look at the difficulties the African Union, a weak body, faces to understand that the United States of Africa will not work.

My wacky alternative is to admit that Africa is tribal and to have a United Cultures of Africa where citizens vote for the leadership of their own tribe and then a House of Cultures is formed proportionally from the leaderships of all tribes. The president is then elected from this House of Cultures. Laws would exist limiting the term of public service to a maximum of ten years, no more president for life. The government of UCuA would also resolve any disputes between tribes and would enforce the resolution with force if necessary. Tribal membership is voluntary, just pick any one of the registered ones or get together a large enough group to register as a tribe. Hell you could even have the Klingon tribe of Africa if that's how you identify yourself. Members of a particular tribe would have complete freedom to live where ever they want in Africa. Crazy? Maybe? What do you think?


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